Grandmas Hot Sauce

Meet Grandma, and Mama, the ladies behind these sauce recipes...

Grandma’s hot sauce is exactly what it says it is - my Grandma’s hot sauce. This authentic and distinctively
delicious sauce has been in our family for generations and is a harmonious mix of flavours from the West Indies.

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Generations of flavour

Grandma Chandra began making this sauce in her restaurant kitchen in Guyana. Her cooking was widely noted among Guyanese locals, and her hot sauce (pepper sauce as she calls it) quickly became, quite frankly, the best hot sauce recipe ever. Now my Mama put her own spin on Grandma’s sauce, creating something a touch milder and sweeter but undoubtedly delicious!

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Only the best will do

Wiri Wiri Pepper

These sauces are hand crafted in the UK using the rare Wiri Wiri pepper from Guyana. This small cherry like pepper packs a big punch, and a distinctively unique flavour. The Scoville Scale measures the heat rating for the Wiri Wiri pepper within the 100,000 to 350,000 - now that’s hot!

Quality ingredients

To make a good product you need to start with fresh, clean ingredients. We only use the highest quality produce in our sauces, with no added sugar, preservatives, stabilisers, artificial colours or flavours.

Flame and flavour

These are the perfect sauces, combining the right balance of heat and flavour. We’ve crafted these sauces to enhance the flavour of food without burning your palate!

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Grandma's Hot Sauce


Using a mix of Wiri Wiri and scotch bonnet peppers for heat, this sauce is perfectly balanced with sweetness from carrots and cooling cucumber for a unique flavour.


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